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    Welcome to Anhui steel pipe manufacturing Co., ltd.!
    National Service Hotline:0563-8177666 / 8177508

    For the letter, and, innovation, enterprise philosophy is the highest level of enterprise management concept

    Faith, good faith. No one can not stand, the enterprise is still. Good, as good as gold, letters and letters is the source of enterprise practice, legislation of the country, is the magic weapon to get social respect and trust. The more honest they are, the more they will win the integrity of others.

    Harmony, harmony. Harmonious society is a people-oriented society, is a full, coordinated and sustainable development of society, is a majority of people can share the fruits of reform and development of society. The pursuit of harmony is the full implementation of the requirements of Scientific Outlook on Development, is the core requirements of economic development, but also fully embodies the fundamental interests of the majority of employees.

    New, innovation. Innovation is the soul of national progress and the inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development. Innovation is not only reflected in the concept. Organization, technology, management, products, etc., but also in terms of speed and efficiency.